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We are currently making batches of stickers to complete some of our projects, these are mainly stickers we have been unable to find and are making them using an inkjet printer and a basic cutter / plotter. Currently in the works are:

metal stickers

VFR750 showa fork leg decal (from original)

Marczocchi AG 2 shock reservoir stickers (from original)

Akront rim stickers (light bliue for Husqvarna CR125) (from original)

DID rim stickers (for Honda CR125M Elsinore)

Husqvarna engine capacity stickers - the ones we've seen for sale have incorrect font

Fox Shox stickers for early (screw threaded) type (from original)

Husqvarna headstock racing advisory sticker (the one I purchased does not match the font of the remains we had on the bike)

I try and match the stickers as closely as possible, they will not be identical due to the improvements in reproduction technology over the years and the cost of reproducing using the original techniques (e.g. waterslides, screen printing etc.). If you'd like a copy of the electronic artwork so that you can produce stickers using an original process please let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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