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This is for those general workshop topics...

  • Wheels 3

    This category covers wheels, both alloy and wire and bearings, seals etc.

    • Building Wire Wheels 0

      Rebuilding wire wheels is considered a bit of an art and also one of those jobs which you can't afford to get wrong. A bit of a run in some paoint isnt going to matter, but a wheel collapsing as you move along at 90mph may be more of an issue.

      This article isnt meant as a comprehensive review of the techniques involved as there are many expert tutorials and sites out on the web. This is meant to help you assess the wheels you have and the options to move forward based on the experience I've had.

      I've come across wheels which look great and are actually completely lethal and others which as rusty and furry but could go on forever. The first rule of wheel refiurbishment is to inspect the wheel carefully. You are looking for obvious things like missing or lose spokes and less obvious things like cracks in the rim itself.

      A finished pair of wheels with refurbished hubs, new spokes and rims:



  • Understanding Bearings 0

    This category is to give an overview of the different types of bearings used and how they can be removed, fitted etc.

  • Understanding Oil Seals 0
  • Front Suspension 1
  • Drum Brakes 0
  • Disc Brakes 0
  • Rear Suspension 2
  • Carburettors 0
  • Tyres 0
  • Painting 1
  • Cleaning 1
  • Tools 3

    This category is to beused for tool reviews (new and old)

  • Electrical Systems 0
  • 3D printing 1

    A workshop catergory for articles related to 3D printing motorcycle parts - as we've used on some of our projects