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47.03.01 Nut 18x8.4

 If you need a definition of a nut you probably shouldnt be attempting to work on a motorcycle. There are many types and sizes of nuts and you can find guides to the various types and sizes on most of the suppliers websites - its often best to read these as it will help to work out their ordering systems. Some parts lists will specify the type of nut and its size (e.g. self-locking M8) - the morini parts list goes further with some acronyms which I havent been able to decipher yet (eg VT. 322). The type of nut required will depend on the application, ideally you shouldnt reuse self-locking nuts.

We've used in the past (be aware that alot of the bigger commercial suppliers want you to order in large quantities) at the other end of the spectrum you can find specific guides to makes and models e.g.

 Language word / phrase source note
Italian Dado  morini 350 parts list  
  Dado autobloccante   self-locking
  Dado esagonal ducati pantah parts list  
Swedish Mutter Husqvarna 1972  
German Mutter Husqvarna 1972  
  Mutter ducati pantah parts list  
French Ecrou Husqvarna 1972  
  Ecrou ducati pantah parts list  
Spanish Tuerca  montesa?  
  Tuerca esáprragos culata    
  Tuerca autoblocante   self-locking